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Re: [APD] Tubing for co2

> OK - I am now convinced and wish to change my ways.  I
> have been using 
> silicon tubing.  <frown>
> So what measurement of polypropylene tubing do I need
> to look for? 
> I found some of 5/16 O.D. and .062 thickness.  I think
> that results in 
> 1/4 I.D.  Is that right?
> This stuff is $17.81 delivered for 100 feet or about
> 18 cents a foot.
> Anyone know of low cost sources of such?
> Bob


I usually get mine (i beleive its MDPE) from the local home 
brew/hydrophonics shop.  I can buy it buy the foot, but it costs me 
around $0.35 per foot.  Go ahead and snag te 100 foot... you wont be 
sorry and its a great price.

-Berne Kairunas
Aquatic Plant Specialist
Choice Aquariums Sales Team

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