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Re: [APD] Compact Fluorescents and Watts

On 3/16/06, Craig Hasson <cahasson at comcast_net> wrote:
>  My question is whether a 2X65 is enough lite for the plants, or should I
> go for the 4X65?

Yes, it is.  I have that on my tank as well.  I have a Coralife 2 x 65 and a
Current Satellite 2 x 65 on 55G tanks.  Similar price.  I have also seen
Catalina Aquarium knockoffs of Coralife fixtres that were cheaper than
Coralifes and seemed to be very nice fixtures -- know someone who has
these.  I suspect the price has risen a bit as they've become more
established over the last year.

I'm certain someone, somewhere is going to say you can't grow high light
plants with 2 x 65 compact fluorescents but I haven't had any problems yet.

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