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[APD] Compact Fluorescents and Watts

Haven't seen much about lights lately, and thought I'd ask a question.  I've been running 4 X 40 watt normal Fluorescent bulbs on a 70 gallon tank 2 double fixtures), and have had really good luck with Crypts, Java Ferns, Anubias, Hygro, etc.  Those fixtures are fairly old and I've thinking about upgrading the fixtures to Compact Fluorescents.  On another tank I have a britelite (2 X 65 Watts) on a 55 gal tank, and having real good luck with Swords.  Both tanks have DIY C02.   Not wanting to rebuild the fixture myself on the 70 gal tank, I've been looking at the Compacts on the Market.  Seems that the Britelite folks went out of business, and my options are either Coralife or Oceanic for freshwater plants (without getting into a much higher price).  My question is whether a 2X65 is enough lite for the plants, or should I go for the 4X65?  I'm thinking for my tank and set up - that the 4X65 is too much. Several options could be the 2X65 and then either use another fluorescent!
  strip (either 1 or 2 X 40), or go with the 4X65 and then just run 2 of the compacts for 10-12 hours and the other 2 for four hours.  I was trying to stay in the 2.5 to 3 watt range per gallon.  Any thoughts? or any new products on the market for lighting that might fit my needs?  Thanks. 
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