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Re: [APD] pmdd -- Sears & Conlin Paper at the krib

It's not called the Lasagne book? I thought that was the only good recipe in there and worthy of singular reference-- well, that and the cornbread.
Anyway, that's one of the less elegant things about language, linguistic conventions are sometimes linguistic backwash and missteps that become paths. People make up root words like "administrate" although an administrator, more properly, administers. Probably more folks pronounce the "mp" in "comptroller" than those that know better to pronounce it like "n". And some of the hobby folks refer to a range of premixed nutirents as PMDD because, just as "Good Times" had it's roots in "All in the Family", a number of mixes have their roots in the Sears Conlin formulation -- even if the latter is, well, clearly diff from the former.
But don't be too hard on folks. After all many of them (and they be we) have tried to keep up with the times, for example, by wholesale adoption of the affectated use of  "utilize" instead of "use."  As in, I'll call you when I get home so I can utilize my landline." It's enough to make some folks wax nostalgic for days when folks spoke of *interfacing* with other folks when all they really did was utilize talk with each other.
As Robert Frost might have said to H.P. Grice, they mean what *they* mean and not what you mean, and if enough join in, then *they* know what they're talking
even if they "don't know what they're talking about." I don't know if Grice would like to agree with that, but he might eventually have gotten utilized to it.

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S. Hieber wrote:
> Uh, did anyone mention that Erik has the Sears's & Conlin's 1996 paper posted for reading right here:

It seems that many people for some reason have taken to referring to the 
entire Sears-Conlin approach by the name given to a fertilizer recipe 
that appears in the appendix of that paper. It seems awful strange to 
refer to an entire planted aquarium fertilizer strategy by the name 
given to a fertilizer recipe in the appendix. It would be like referring 
to the whole Betty Crocker Cookbook as "Lasagna" because that recipe 
appears therein.
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