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Re: [APD] RANT Concerning Availability of Supplies


I order from the Dayton, NJ office. I just called them and asked if they 
sell to the general public and they do. I asked if that is a company policy 
and they said it is. There is no minimum order either. Use a credit card. 
There is a location in Santa Fe Springs, CA. I don't know where that is in 
relation to you but their phone number is: 1-562-692-5911 for sales. Or go 
to the web site and order there.

Since we are so close to our branch, if we order by 11:00 AM we will have 
our order by 4:30 PM same day. Amazing company. They reallly do have almost 
everything in stock. I can only remember one time in the past 12 years that 
I had to have something back ordered. It was a very obscure corrosion 
resistant pipe clamp made out of 316 Staiinless Steel. It only took an extra 
week or so.

Jerry Smith

Jerry Baker wrote:

I have to admit I haven't tried them in a few years. The last time I
tried to order something from them (in person) they told me they don't
sell to the general public and that I had to bring them a copy of a
business license before they would give me an account. I'm assuming they
don't do that any more?

Jerry Baker

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