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Re: [APD] RANT Concerning Availability of Supplies

Jerry Smith wrote:
> I order from the Dayton, NJ office. I just called them and asked if they 
> sell to the general public and they do. I asked if that is a company policy 
> and they said it is. There is no minimum order either. Use a credit card. 
> There is a location in Santa Fe Springs, CA. I don't know where that is in 
> relation to you but their phone number is: 1-562-692-5911 for sales. Or go 
> to the web site and order there.

I will definitely give them a try. Santa Fe Springs is somewhat distant, 
but if they're open Saturdays, I'll gladly drive down there to pick 
stuff up.

I think I was thinking of Grainger rather than McMaster-Carr.


Jerry Baker
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