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Re: [APD] RANT Concerning Availability of Supplies

Jerry Smith wrote:
> I checked my copy of the McMaster-Carr catalog www.mcmaster.com and found 
> the following conductivity solutions, all 460 ml.: cat. # 21315T601 (84 
> microseimens); cat. # 21315T602 (1,413 microseimens); cat. # 21315T603 
> (12,880 microseimens). Each were $14.30 in the #108 catalog. I forget what 
> year it is. As I have said before: I am not an employee of McMaster-Carr, 
> just a very satisfied customer.

I have to admit I haven't tried them in a few years. The last time I 
tried to order something from them (in person) they told me they don't 
sell to the general public and that I had to bring them a copy of a 
business license before they would give me an account. I'm assuming they 
don't do that any more?

Jerry Baker
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