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Re: [APD] filters

On 1/13/06, S. Hieber <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Are you pitching the $200 system or the $300 system or is this just a
> broken link and meant to take one to the Marineland filter with a micron
> insert?
> Anyway, it's pretty widely known that the low micron filters can filter
> out the "swimming" stage. It's also why diatom filters work so well. The
> marineland filter with the micron insert works with diatoms too, iirc.

Dang, Scott.  You took all the thunder out of the coming sales pitch!  You
have killed an afternoon's entertainment when I don't have any work to do!
Shame on you!

At least Jerry and Nicholas got a chance to get their Icks in.  <grin>

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