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Re: [APD] just out of curiosity

I used a python for a while, but even here in the Pacific Northwets found
the water waste unacceptable. So we took an old sump pump we had lying
around, modified the output so I could screw a hose onto it, and put it in a
5 gallon bucket. Then I would just use a regular siphon to drain water into
the bucket, and the sump pump would move the water out of the bucket into
wherever I put the other end of the hose. The float valve on the sump pump
would turn it on and off.

To refill the aquarium I'd take another hose (or the same one, depending on
which tank) and attach it to a faucet using a "y" connector. If it was the
same hose I'd rinse it with some fresh water, then set the "y" connector so
that the water was flowing out of it, rather than through the hose, while I
got the temerature right. Then flip the switches so the water goes through
the hose, and fill the tank.

With this setup you need to be very aware of where the free end of the hose
is, and that it is held in place so that the force of the water doesn't
knock it out, especially when the sump pump is pushing the water. Also make
sure the float valve on the sump pump can move freely to the "on" position -
if the electric cord gets in the way, it won't turn on, and once the bucket
fills you're draining onto the carpet.

With my larger tank, I would put a big tarp down in front of the tank and
sit the sump pump/bucket on it. This kept small problems from turning into
big swamps.

Somewhere in the archives are pictures of all the connectors.

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