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Re: [APD] just out of curiosity

Eli Moss wrote:
> All you folks with aquariums topping one hundred, two hundred, even three
> hundred gallons, I have a question: how on earth do you handle water
> changes?  It's manageable for me, with my sum total of sixty five gallons,
> to just lug a big pail between the bathroom and my room a few times.  I'm
> sure there's a much more clever way to manage this on a larger scale, how do
> you go about it?  Not that I plan on moving up, I don't quite have the time
> or money, it's just a question that's been in my head.

My previous setup was just a Python. I drained the water outside into 
the yard with a 1" vinyl tube (goes very fast at that diameter). Then, 
on the kitchen faucet I had a LCD sticker thermometer so I could set the 
temperature just right. As soon as it was, I just attached the Python 
and filled her up. That was when I lived where the water was soft and I 
actually had to add some CaCO3 and MgCO3. Now that I live with hard 
water (and mainly because of water that's been polluted with rocket fuel 
and dry-cleaning fluid) I have an R/O unit. The plan is to drain to the 
outside as usual, but to have a 50G plastic drum filled with the new 
water and feed it by pump to the tank.

Jerry Baker
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