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[APD] just out of curiosity

All you folks with aquariums topping one hundred, two hundred, even three
hundred gallons, I have a question: how on earth do you handle water
changes?  It's manageable for me, with my sum total of sixty five gallons,
to just lug a big pail between the bathroom and my room a few times.  I'm
sure there's a much more clever way to manage this on a larger scale, how do
you go about it?  Not that I plan on moving up, I don't quite have the time
or money, it's just a question that's been in my head.

A Curious Eli

p.s. I have a lyretail black molly that grazes on algae far more efficiently
than any other fish I've ever had or seen, it almost singlehandedly
destroyed my BBA invasion in a couple weeks.  I highly recommend trying one!
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