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Re: [APD] Ammonia and Nitrates

Bill D wrote:
> I sent pictures of the two jars to a knowledgeable person, and he replied
> that
> the test environment was completely unnatural - excessive light, no higher
> plants
> present, etc.  And of course it was, but the purpose of the experiment was
> to test
> the effect of high nitrate levels on the growth of algae, and it did.

I suspect that any time one of the macronutrients are limited while 
another is abundant is the cause of the problem. For instance, high 
nitrate and no phosphate, vice-versa, or other nutrients. It seems like 
when the plants aren't growing fast, the algae kick in. I still do not 
know the mechanism behind this. The plants must be doing something that 
inhibits the algae other than removing nutrients (we are always adding 
nutrients to keep the levels up where they are always available).

Jerry Baker
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