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Re: [APD] Ammonia and Nitrates

"My understanding is that nitrate and phosphate can be pretty high with
no adverse effect on plants, and no algae bloom, but ammonia is another

Last summer I put two one gallon jars in a sunny location.  One contained
well water which was relatively low on nutrients; the other contained the
water plus 60 ppm of NO3.

After a month the low nutrient jar had almost no algae present.  The glass
of the
higher nutrient jar was covered with algae, so much so that some of it had
to be
scraped off to see the water.   The water in each jar was crystal clear,

I sent pictures of the two jars to a knowledgeable person, and he replied
the test environment was completely unnatural - excessive light, no higher
present, etc.  And of course it was, but the purpose of the experiment was
to test
the effect of high nitrate levels on the growth of algae, and it did.


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