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Re: [APD] woes with walsted type tank

> --- Bill D <billinet at comcast_net> wrote:
> >. . .  A "natural" tank
> > should have 2 wpg or
> > maybe
> > a smidgeon more, lots of fish, and limited dosing, if
> > any.   Since carbon is
> > the limiting
> > factor in those tanks, bio-wheels are best not used and  excessive 
> >surface  agitation  should be avoided.
> > 

-- scott wrote:
> Good points, Bill. However, I would hem and haw a bit about
> the bio-wheels and surface turbulence. That is, I'm not
> sure that they'd present a problem -- if CO2 is not being
> injected, then the diff in CO2 levels if there is surface
> turbulence or not is pretty darn small since the CO2 levels
> are pretty darn small.
> Some agitation or aeration can be a good idea in tanks that
> are well stocked with fish but have only low or moderate
> lighting. In such tanks, air water O2 exchange can be more
> important.
The best luck I ever had with natural tanks was when I ran them
filterless.  These were, however, only moderately stocked and small
tanks.  There was zero circulation in them.  Just a water change about
once a month and regular fish feedings.  I had a lotus fill an entire 10
gallon and a crypt forest in another. 

Just my 2 cents.


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