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Re: [APD] CO2 rates, CF & pH swings

Tom Wood wrote:
> Since you already have the equipment, that sounds like a good plan. The 
> other way to do it is to create enough circulation in the water so that the 
> tank is blowing off CO2 at a constant rate, night or day. Provide enough 
> CO2 that the fish don't stress, especially at night. Then, the fish are 
> safe and the plants dip into the reserve during the day. It won't be 
> absolutely optimal for the plants, but works at a simple foolproof 
> mechanical level for the fish.

Being the pessimist that I am, I like to set things up in a fail-safe 
manner if at all possible. Counting on circulation or aeration to 
maintain safe CO2 levels seems dangerous to me. Sure, it's rare that a 
pump fails, but you just know it will happen when you're on a ten-day 
vacation and no one is there to see the fish gasping for air. In the 
OP's situation, it seems to me like a normally closed solenoid on the 
light timer is the way to go. That way, a failure only means that the 
plants have no CO2. It won't kill them and the fish are spared.

Jerry Baker
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