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Re: [APD] Fish-Related Story

>I don't want to argue about whether discontinuing funding the organization
was right or not... I just hate journalism.

I used to work for a state agency that collected and accumulated litigation
sensitive baseline and time series polution data all over the world.  I went
in with the idea that it was science and as such above the fray.  I left
with a bad taste in my mouth after seeing the politics, funding battles,
petty turf wars, disorganization, bull feces, and general egomania.  The
lofty impression of science and scientists we are taught in school doesn't
bear out in real life.  Everyone has an agenda, and everyone has a bias.
Its VERY hard to keep that from tainting the process in some way or another.
When congress critters get involved, all bets are off.  At that point, its
all about power.

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