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Re: [APD] Interesting Findings

Jerry, while I appreciate your intellect and your curiosity for finding
things out, don't you think this is starting to get a little bit childish?

I think Tom would be the first to say that he may have come to the wrong
conclusions in the past.  Mature people do so.

Please drop it.  Go do the experiment.  Concentrate on that; it's a good
idea and will add some value. Then give us the results.

But leave us out of your "who can pee the farthest" game.


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While searching the APD archives for further information and ideas about 
CO2 experimentation I found some writing by an interesting author 
(considering what it says):

"O2 levels are directly correlated and proprotional to gas bubble build 
in CO2 reactors, wereas the CO2 levels are not." -- Thomas Barr 

"After about 4-6 hours of intense lighting, the O2 levels are sky high.
I measured the gas build up (In millimeters) in the reactor tube and 
graphed it next to the O2 levels(ppm). Next, I did the same for CO2. CO2 
went down while the O2 continued to match the reactor tube level." -- 
Thomas Barr [Ibid]

"There is a direct correlation between O2 levels and gas build up [in 
CO2 reactors]. There is no correlation between CO2 levels and gas build 
up. Since no other gases are being added(eg plants do not give off N2 
gas, we add only CO2 etc) it can be safely assumed that this gas is O2 
only." [http://fins.actwin.com/aquatic-plants/month.200502/msg00373.html]

Jerry Baker

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