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Re: [APD] CO2 Mist research Proposal #1

urville wrote:
> as to rate of uptake under saturation, or whether the bubble is no 
> longer co2 after a few moments? wouldtnt that be too large?

That's what we want. We want to see if the bubble is no longer CO2 after 
a few moments. The large volume of water is to keep the concentration 
from rising measurably during the experiment.

If Tom's theory is correct the bubbles will dissolve quickly in the 
first case, and more slowly in the second. I intend to measure this as 
the volume of CO2 captured at the top of the water column per unit time.

If it takes 15 seconds to capture 5 mL from bubbles in near 0 mg/L 
water, it should take less time to capture 5 mL when the water contains 
30 mg/L. This is because if CO2 is more resistant to diffusion when the 
water contains 30 mg/L, less of it will be lost as the bubbles travel up 
to the top to be captured.

Jerry Baker
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