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[APD] RE: CO2 reactors and needle valves

Chris, you can see an improvement for the powerhead method on my site, it's
free to see it., just create a user name and password, if you already have
the power head, it cost about 2-3$, this will improve the powerhead only
method and not be much trouble. 

The Fabco valve is a good valve. Most folks should buy several valves no
matter which one they decide to buy, it's easy to find an excuse to have
another CO2 plant tank after all. You pay the same for shipping so it's a
better deal. 6 for 100$ is a very good deal. I'm happy with the clippard's
but for about 4-5$ more, it's hard to argue.
The fabco's come in threaded and barbed ends.

The whole dump issue is avoided by using a needle valve in the first place
rather than a disc and only the regulator.
That was the issue in the past so let's keep it there and yep, we've
learned and moved on since. 

The externals CO2 reactors I made several years ago work well, they still
have some gas build up which increases back pressure=> decreases flow. This
is O2 degassing. I have a new design for the external reactors that side
steps this gas build up.

But the plans will be for subscribers only, but you can see the internal
version which is small, cheap and nice for 2$ of materials and also remove
the O2 build up near the second 1/2 of the photoperoid.

There is a direct correlation between O2 levels and gas build up.
There is no correlation between CO2 levels and gas build up. 
Since no other gases are being added(eg plants do not give off N2 gas, we
add only CO2 etc) it can be safely assumed that this gas is O2 only.

While some have suggested this(myself included, I went so far as to doing a
flame O2 test), no one has shown this in planted tanks using reactors with
any data or measurements that I am aware of and if so, they never published
it or made it available publicly. I can definitely say this today and have
had a solution for over a decade, even if I did not realize it at the time,
which is often the case with many observations. 

Self purging reactors maintain their efficiency and maintain their flow
rates which in turn maintains a stable CO2 level. 
Disc diffusers do not have this issue and you see the measurement
differences in both O2 and CO2 levels as the reactor develops the gas
bubble, but the disc have their own set of drawback as well. Each has a
trade off. I use and have used both for quite a few years. 

Tom Barr

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