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Re: [APD] OFF TOPIC Low tech or high tech?

Jerry Baker wrote:
> Liz Wilhite wrote:
>>  Now that is unfair. That sort of thing didn't go on for most of the 15
>> months I've been subscribed. It only started fairly recently.
> I agree. Back in 2002 when I was subscribed, it wasn't nearly as
> personal-attack oriented as it is now. People were generally helpful and
> I don't recollect any negativity other than the same "crotchety"
> attitude you spoke of. My recollection is that people were free to
> discuss scientific matters without being called snobs, or threatened
> with physical violence. Oh well. I suppose the list reflects society.

Let's try again going on topic !

So as N and P problems are resolved (more is better !)
And, as Tom says K is not incorporated in plant structure...
And, as K is surely needed...

How can I deal with my ever too high K level ?

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