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Re: [APD] speculating

Jerry said:

>Perhaps I'm being dense, but I can't see how prior
disagreements >about phosphate have any bearing on CO2

Here's why it's highly relevant:

Folks said excess PO4 caused algae, I disagreed.
They said it flies in the face of theories, Laws(Liebig's Law of
minmums) principles, logic etc. Just like this case except is
was even more pronounced.

PhD's, smart folk, Dupla's authors, plenty of books written by
competent authors, many aquarium product companies and
researchers, asute folk argued against me on it. They were all
wrong. Then tap water, then NO3, then K+, then Fe excessive, pH
swings, algae issues, test kit errors, etc.......

The hobby has only very recently come to terms with PO4 and
providing non limiting conditions for plants rather than
attempting to limit algae with nutrients(NO3/PO4/K/Fe+other
traces). As more folks tried it and looked for these clues, it
became much more accepted and applied to the hobby.  

Folks proved that the reasoning was incorrect in the past to
themselves and we have better plant health/growth as a result. 

I suggested a simple method, add PO4 and see for yourself.
Just like the CO2 mist idea, try and see.

This CO2 idea is a new concept and like any new idea, there are
folks that do not believe it, but rather than arguing, just
friggin try it. 

Then you can question whether the long held principles that you
cling to are applied properly, whether folks overlooked
something and made an assumption that maybe wrong, if there
might be some other mechansim that occurs and get to the bottom
of the mystery. 

Try testing the observation yourself. Set aside those prejudices
and give it whirl. 

It would not be the first time some smart folks misapplied a
principle/law or theory and said I was wrong. Won't be the last

Say, did you ever buy that 200$ a bottle gas to prove me wrong?

Tom Barr


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