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Re: [APD] speculating

Thomas Barr wrote:
> PhD's, smart folk, Dupla's authors, plenty of books written by
> competent authors, many aquarium product companies and
> researchers, asute folk argued against me on it. They were all
> wrong. Then tap water, then NO3, then K+, then Fe excessive, pH
> swings, algae issues, test kit errors, etc.......

Ok. You have illustrated that you were right that phosphate is good, but 
I'm still not sure how that suggests that CO2 is persisting in your 
bubbles and that is the reason for the benefits you have observed.

> I suggested a simple method, add PO4 and see for yourself.
> Just like the CO2 mist idea, try and see.
> This CO2 idea is a new concept and like any new idea, there are
> folks that do not believe it, but rather than arguing, just
> friggin try it. 

Is there something I am writing that is confusing? I don't know how to 
make it any more clear that I do not doubt the benefits you see. Why 
would I do it myself when I already have a good idea what's going to 
happen? I'm not interested in confirming that increasing the amount of 
bubbles visible in the aquarium will enhance plant growth. I want to 
know why.

> It would not be the first time some smart folks misapplied a
> principle/law or theory and said I was wrong. Won't be the last
> either.

That still sounds like egoism. It has no bearing on the correctness of 
your theory.

> Say, did you ever buy that 200$ a bottle gas to prove me wrong?

Nope. Actually, I just had the thought today to put up a public offer to 
put my money where my mouth is, and you to do the same. Let's select a 
reasonably priced laboratory that has no connection to anyone here, and 
lets have some gas analyzed. The loser pays.

Jerry Baker
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