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Re: [APD] OFF TOPIC Low tech or high tech?

On 11/1/05, Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
> There has always been a
> certain core people here that are very analytical and intellectual and
> will
> talk for hours about the measurement of a C02 bubble and the laws of
> physics., which is fine for those who are interested, but this is also why
> people have gone to WEB based forums where they can interact on any level
> and feel welcome. You do not have to be a scientist, engineer, phd to be
> an
> expert or make a contribution or to be high tech.

 Now that is unfair. That sort of thing didn't go on for most of the 15
months I've been subscribed. It only started fairly recently. Some longer
term (not long term like Scott or Tom but longer term than me) people have
left because of the attitude.
 Don't misunderstand -- I did get some really buttheaded responses when I
asked the first questions about my first tank. A couple of nice people
responded privately with a "don't take it to heart, they are just a bunch of
crotchety old men" and one or two of those crotchety old men have become
email buddies. Tom sent a private email that told me everything I needed to
know. That "crotchety" sort of attitude is, perhaps, a long term feature of
this list. Its part of the personality of a list that has history.
 But the nasty, "I know more than you do and you don't know anything"
attitude is new. The need to put down others and proclaim your superiority
by cloaking your voice in high school level snob science is new. And its
sad. The last time I saw that happen a very high volume open list became a
moderated list then died.
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