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Re: [APD] Low-medium-high tech

> Do you add CO2?

>>Doesn't everyone?  What's the point?  If everyone does it, it surely can't
be high tech.  When we were among the first to do it, it was high tech. Now
it's run-of-the-mill. Sort of about the same as putting water in the tank,

I bet you remember when antique aquariums were not considered antiques too! 
Believe it or not,  Walstad does have a following, even if its not 
concentrated here. When someone asks if anyone is interested in "low tech" 
tanks, 90% of the time TODAY they are talking about a Walstad type approach. 
It all depends though on the contex of the conversation. If you want to 
discuss how trends in this hobby have changed in the last ten years, from 
the disappearance of the "10 golden rules" to PMDD becoming obsolete to EI, 
or the advances in lighting options, or marketing and pricing trends, then 
the definitions of high and low tech become very blurred.

Robert Hudson

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