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Re: [APD] low tech?

>>How would you differentiate low-tech from high-tech?<<

The practical differential is lighting and C02.  Low tech is a soil based 
tank with moderate to low lighting or the use of sunlight and no C02 
supplimentation, as put forth by Diana Walstad and her book Ecology of the 
Planted Aquarium, and by Rhonda Wilson who has for a long time supported the 
idea of natural sunlight. If you go back further people often think of low 
tech as being the tradional Dutch aquariums. Low tech is typically slow 
growing plants that adapt easily to submersed growth.  High tech inlvolves 
lighting, C02, substrate heaters, and other gadgets.  In truth many people 
draw from both ends of the spectrum falling somewhere in between. George 
used to be called the high tech KING! :)   How are your substrate heaters 

Robert Hudson

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