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Re: [APD] CO2 mist

Liz Wilhite wrote:
> On 10/31/05, Jerry Baker <jerry at bakerweb_biz> wrote:
>> Thomas Barr wrote:
>> I can't speak for all, but in my case I wasn't speculating. Your theory
>> of CO2 dissolution flies in the face of known scientific principles. I
>> just pointed that out.
>  Wow, I musta missed that. I did notice a lot of confusion and really
> inacurrate statements relating to thermodynamics and kinetics, but since Tom
> usually doesn't bother with such things I don't think it was him. On the
> other hand, I figured Tom would eventually measure all the stuff he was
> speculating about and ignored most of the noise.

Ya, there was a very long discussion about it over at plantedtank.net. 
The idea Tom offered that CO2 is more difficult to dissolve at 30 mg/L 
than at 0 mg/L violates Ficke's Law first of all.

Secondly, a couple people offered the observation that the 
"micro-bubbles" do not persist until later in the day. Since Ficke's Law 
tells us that CO2 is nearly equally soluble at 30 mg/L, we have a reason 
to doubt that their persistence is because CO2 has built up and become 
more difficult to dissolve. We have a completely plausible alternative 
theory that doesn't contradict known laws of physics. What else has 
built up later in the day? How about oxygen? How about the fact that 
when oxygen is saturated at around 10 mg/L it is going to try and 
diffuse anywhere there is a lower partial pressure than that in the 
water. Guess where that is? It's in the bubbles that start out as CO2.

Tom's "proof" is that dissolved oxygen increases using his "bubble 
blasting" method. We still have no details on the controls. I can 
duplicate that result. I can turn off all the circulation and pump CO2 
into the tank, and then I can turn on all kinds of circulation and use 
"bubble blasting." Guess which will show better growth? Without knowing 
the precise methodology, there isn't room to make any meaningful 
judgment one way or the other.

I'm disappointed. I would have hoped you would have researched the issue 
rather than post a response with no new insight or information. Your 
knee-jerk reaction to come to Tom's defense is humorous.

Jerry Baker
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