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Re: [APD] Free speech

A good point, but if you look at the flip side, that solution could 
cause great trouble as well.  It may make it harder for citizens to 
fight against large corporations who have great big teams of corporate 
lawyers.  If one was risking having to pay for those guys as well your 
own lawyer/s.. .  well..   that would suck wouldn't it.  ;]

-derek parr

Terry Barber wrote:
> What is more important is that this is one (of many) areas where our legal
> system is way out of whack.  A good start would be that if a preson sues and
> is found to be frovolous/without merit..........then they should have to pay
> for the defendants legal fees.   Right now, as this example shows, right or
> wrong, the Judicial system can be used to punish those who speak against
> you.
> Terry
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