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Re: [APD] Free speech

Everybody is using the term "Free Speech".   I believe that there is  a
narrow criteria as to what is considered "free speech" in the US
Constitution.  The reality is that  ""free speech clause pertains solely to
orderly public discussion by citizens of
governmental questions"" .   Everything else is really up for grabs and the
courts make the decisions.    Your "rights" to express your views are really
more limited than we have been led to believe by misuse of the "Free Speech"
clause of the constitution.

What is more important is that this is one (of many) areas where our legal
system is way out of whack.  A good start would be that if a preson sues and
is found to be frovolous/without merit..........then they should have to pay
for the defendants legal fees.   Right now, as this example shows, right or
wrong, the Judicial system can be used to punish those who speak against


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