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Re: [APD] Alternatives to the color GH test kits and methods

Jerry Leong wrote:
> If you are getting the water from a water utility, you can probably get 
> the info from the utility co.  They will probably have the info as ppm 
> CaCO3 (or ppm Ca) (be sure to confirm which one they give you).  While 
> the info may not be that accurate (e.g. my utility gets groundwater (ca. 
> 90 ppm CaCO3) and water from MWD (ca. 180 ppm CaCO3), it will provide 
> enough data for those colorblind individuals (or those who do not have 
> test kits).  Of course, you would either add back the appropriate amount 
> of tap water or (if you know what the ratio of RO/wastewater, you can 
> calculate the hardness of the wastewater) wastewater.

Ya. I know the GH of the tapwater (11 DGH), but I do not know how much 
my R/O unit throws away in relation to what it produces. I didn't want 
to have to find some way of measuring the output of both streams 

I had thought of adding food coloring, but I couldn't think of a color 
that, when mixed with orangish-red would produce something that 
contrasts with that same color mixed with green.

I thought about:
blue = purple -> blue-green = maybe, but unlikely
green = brown -> green = nope
yellow = orange -> yellow green = maybe, but unlikely

I may figure out some sort of mix of tertiary colors that works. Might 
be an interesting experiment. This assumes that food coloring is inert 
for this reaction.

Jerry Baker
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