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[APD] your miniature tanks

Hey Yall,
 I hope to be in a new job within the next few weeks and would like to put a
tiny tank on my desk -- a max of 3 gallons, min of something approaching a
gallon. I've looked at what Karen Randall has posted on her site, and her
tank is beautiful. I know that some of you have tiny tanks, and was
wondering what works and what doesn't. Richard posted info about some
unusual containers he found to use as tanks, and I'd be interested in
knowing what you use whether "standard" or "creative". I'm particularly
interested in how you light your tank, filter, dose, etc. If you don't have
a tiny tank but have read info on products that are currently available that
you think might be useful, I'd love to hear about that, too.
 I'd also love to know what sort of plants you use to aquascape your tank,
or plants you think would be appropriate. Do you use Excel? What sort of
fauna? I might sound like a woos here but I think I want a shrimp only tank
because I'm concerned that any fish would find the tank too cramped or would
be a community fish that would be lost without a shoal to hang out with.
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