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[APD] legal liability and consumerism

To address one particular comment, that it's important to pass on negative 
experiences and (in my opinion) that positive comments or their lack 
aren't enough:

Long before the legal brouhaha involving A Certain Online Retailer, I 
learned that as a consumer POSITIVE comments are more meaningful than 
negative comments. When looking for an online retailer for something I 
can't find locally or am looking for a lower price on, I have had 
extremely good luck going with retailers who are frequently mentioned by 
people I "e-know," and people who have a history of sensible posting in 
the community.

I looked at A Certain Online Retailer at one time, considerably before the 
fecal matter hit the rotating blades here. I wasn't even here at the time. 
For what it's worth, certain newsgroup postings alleged to be from A 
Certain Person Who Doesn't Know Who Uses His Email Address came to mind 
and I wouldn't have purchased from the company even if it had a stellar 
history of customer service... but that's another story for another group. 
What I did at the time was look in newsgroups and email lists like this 
one for others who had asked "who's a good source for such-and-such?"

I found Big Al's Online, which was highly recommended by a lot of 
otherwise non-gushing people who didn't look like sock puppets, and I 
still order from them regularly. Their prices on the house brand "stress 
coat" and on the Emperor filters we use here are great, and I've never had 
a problem that would lead to a report (pro or con!) on their customer 

What I didn't find was The Retailer Who Must Not Be Named mentioned in a 
positive context with any regularity or conviction by "the regular crowd." 
What I didn't find was anyone praising Pet, er, thingy in a specific and 
useful way.

Weighing positive comments is, indeed, a very effective means of choosing 
an online retailer. Seen anyone praising the scratch-free clarity of the 
acrylic tank they just bought lately?

Just my two cents worth. (Too long for two cents, but I don't get paid 
nearly what I'm worth!)

Elizabeth B. Naime

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