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Re: [APD] your miniature tanks

I got a standard all glass 2.5g at work with a cheepo hangon 10g filter.
I use a little pmmd and seachem excel for ferts.   Have some natives in 
it..   A young shiner, gambusia and some small darters.  Got quadrifolia 
and chain sword and ludwigia growing well.  For lighting I use a 
standard bendy what majiggy desk type lamp with a screw in flourescent. 
  Works well.  I imagine shrimp would be good...  But I think 
particularly small fish like guppy size and various slow growing 
juvenile fish..  I plan on putting some white clouds in it later on.

I got some photos taken with my phone at:

I'd strongly suggest having filtration or something to cause water 
movement.   I tried doing it with a 1g fish bowl for like a year, but I 
just got lots of bga.  Regardless of how I fertilized, and what I planted.

good luck,
   -derek parr

Liz Wilhite wrote:
> Hey Yall,
>  I hope to be in a new job within the next few weeks and would like to put a
> tiny tank on my desk -- a max of 3 gallons, min of something approaching a
> gallon. I've looked at what Karen Randall has posted on her site, and her
> tank is beautiful. I know that some of you have tiny tanks, and was
> wondering what works and what doesn't. Richard posted info about some
> unusual containers he found to use as tanks, and I'd be interested in
> knowing what you use whether "standard" or "creative". I'm particularly
> interested in how you light your tank, filter, dose, etc. If you don't have
> a tiny tank but have read info on products that are currently available that
> you think might be useful, I'd love to hear about that, too.
>  I'd also love to know what sort of plants you use to aquascape your tank,
> or plants you think would be appropriate. Do you use Excel? What sort of
> fauna? I might sound like a woos here but I think I want a shrimp only tank
> because I'm concerned that any fish would find the tank too cramped or would
> be a community fish that would be lost without a shoal to hang out with.
> Opinions?
>  Thanks,
> Liz
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