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Re: [APD] Theory vs. Actual

urville wrote:
> if you ever take a critical thinking or psychology class thats one of 
> the first things you learn. that this basis of study is flawed and 
> shouldnt be used, that its one of those things people do still but cant 
> or dont actually know why they do it. it's not practical is the issue. 
> we had a whole class discussion on crazy things you could figure were 
> true if you used this method of thought all the time

That was one of my favorite classes back in community college. I still 
have the textbook here somewhere: Attacking Faulty Reasoning, Wadsworth 
Publishing. I read it occasionally to try and keep refreshed on 
syllogisms, equivocations, and other fallacies.

I couldn't ever stomach psychology though. Probably just because of the 
department at my university. They had such an inferiority complex with 
the natural sciences that they pushed the school into making them a 
department in the college of natural sciences instead of the college of 
human sciences.

Jerry Baker
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