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Re: [APD] Theory vs. Actual

>>  No, the interpretation doesn't come from the data. Ever heard of the Raman
>> effect? Triplet-triplet annihilation? Singlet-triplet transitions? Effects
>> of minor comformational changes on the absorption and emission properties of
>> of large, flexible organic molecules? All of these were discovered from data
>> that were imprecise at best. More precise data didn't improve the concepts
>> or the understanding of the concepts one iota.
>Interpretation doesn't come from the data? I don't even know what to say 
>about that. What do you propose a conclusion is based on if not on data? 
>Tarot cards?

Guy tells a frg in a lab to jump, it does on command, every time.
He cuts its legs off then tells it to jump. It doesn't move, of course.

He writes down in his notebook: "Cut off frogs legs, frog
is now deaf."


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