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Re: [APD] Theory vs. Actual

if you ever take a critical thinking or psychology class thats one of 
the first things you learn. that this basis of study is flawed and 
shouldnt be used, that its one of those things people do still but cant 
or dont actually know why they do it. it's not practical is the issue. 
we had a whole class discussion on crazy things you could figure were 
true if you used this method of thought all the time

Jerry Baker wrote:

>Richard J. Sexton wrote:
>>Guy tells a frg in a lab to jump, it does on command, every time.
>>He cuts its legs off then tells it to jump. It doesn't move, of course.
>>He writes down in his notebook: "Cut off frogs legs, frog
>>is now deaf."
>That is funny (seriously, not sarcastically). But the conclusion is 
>still drawn from the data. That the conclusion is incorrect doesn't 
>change that. The correct interpretation can also be gleaned from the 
>data. I don't think there is a conclusion to be drawn that isn't from 
>the data, is there?
>I'm not sure if you were just making a joke, or making a point. Please 
>forgive the seriousness of my reply if it was only intended as a joke. 
>In that case I just laughed. Written word sucks for conveying subtle 
>nuances of tone and inflection.
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