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Re: [APD] plants native regions

>>Say I want to make a tank based on
a black water tributary to the Rio Negro. What plants would I put in
there? I know plants are sparse in the black waters, but they're not
completely absent. All I know for sure is that there are swords.<<

Finding out a plants basic native region by country or continent is fairly 
easy, but narrowing it down to a specific river or localilzed region is very 
difficult. The information is just not out there. (or if it is you really 
have to dig deep)  Mongabay.com is a biotope site, but even the plants 
listed there are best guesses. He has actually visited those places and 
taken pictures, but is not qualified to identify the plants he comes across. 
Kasselmann gives some pretty good info in her book, but I do not think it is 
as specific as you may want.

Best regards

Robert Hudson
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