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Re: [APD] Plants that apple snails won't eat...

There are apple snails and there are ....apple snails.

Visit the web site Stuart Halliday suggested below and identify using the
shell diagrams the type of snail you have.

Pomacea bridgesii do not eat plants. I've been breeding them for 5 years and
if you keep them well fed they will not eat your plants. I've got dozens of
them in two heavily planted tanks.

If you have the variety that eats plants (and some are voracious eaters)
then you will not be able to grow plants in that tank.
Augustine Rodriguez
McFarland, WI USA

> John Lemons wrote:
>> I've got a couple of fist sized apple snails that my Daughter just adores.
>> Problem is, they eat EVERYTHING.  I don't mean nibble, I mean easily consume
>> whatever I put in there in very short order.  I want to keep some plants in
>> the tank, but I'm not sure what, if anything they won't eat.  Anyone have
>> any ideas?
> Amazing. I've got 6 and they don't eat any of my plants.
> I've got Pomacea bridgesii yellow.
> http://www.applesnail.net/content/species/pomacea_bridgesi.htm
> -- 
> Stuart Halliday

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