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Re: [APD] plants native regions

Robert H wrote:
> Finding out a plants basic native region by country or continent is fairly 
> easy, but narrowing it down to a specific river or localilzed region is very 
> difficult.

Even finding a major drainage would be OK with me. If I could find that 
plant X occurs in any of the Rio Negro drainage, that would probably be 
sufficient. It's difficult to even find this information for fish, let 
alone plants. Just a pipe dream. I'll continue perusing people's 
dissertations about all kinds of topics, but they are sometimes helpful 
because they note what they saw while visiting a certain area.

In North America, censuses of flora and fauna are conducted all the time 
by various governmental and non-governmental organizations. I suppose 
I'm kind of used to how things are done here in the States, and I 
unconsciously expect that elsewhere in the world.

Jerry Baker
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