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Re: [APD] Plants and more plants

Robert H wrote:
> A couple people have asked me recently why its been over a year since I have 
> announced my plant availability on this list. I don't know if its been that 
> long, but frankly, considering the traffic, I thought most of the people 
> moved over to aquaticplantcentral.com   Since I was asked, here it is.  If 
> Gomberg or anyone else wants to taunt me, I will gleefully ignore it.

Not to hijack your thread, but I have a suggestion. Your outfit seems to 
carry unusual plants for a reasonable price. The thing I have the 
hardest time finding is what plants actually come from a particular 
geographical area I am interested in. Say I want to make a tank based on 
a black water tributary to the Rio Negro. What plants would I put in 
there? I know plants are sparse in the black waters, but they're not 
completely absent. All I know for sure is that there are swords.

I sure would appreciate a site that had detailed information on each 
species' native range.

Jerry Baker
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