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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

Rex Grigg wrote:
> I would be willing to host such a place on my website.  www.rexgrigg.com
> But really in LA it should have taken no more than 3 minutes with the 
> yellow pages and one or two phone calls.  You need to think outside the 
> (glass) box and think about what you are trying to find.  You wanted 
> sand.  I'm not sure where you looked.  But immediately I would think 
> Sand Blasting, and then Industrial Supply Houses.  Sand Blasting supply 
> places would of course carry a large variety of sand.  Industrial Supply 
> Houses of course carry large varieties of bulk materials of all sorts, 
> sand included.

I didn't have a problem finding sand. My city is bordered by numerous 
gravel pits. I had a problem finding anyone who would sell "only" 300 
pounds. All the dealers here sell by the ton. The dealers that did have 
smaller quantities had beach sand with shells in it, or crushed coral. 
Finding plain old 12-grit silica sand took a long time. Everyone that 
sells sandblasting sand here sells stuff that looks like white beach 
sand and has to be smaller than 30-grit.

Jerry Baker
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