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Re: [APD] Sources of DIY Material

I needed silica/quartz sand and i just looked up stone.. quartz is 
stone... and the first place i called out of the phone book had 100lb 
bag for 7.50. I've still got like... 95-98 pounds left... they also had 
pulverized quartz, larger size... and black beauty...

Rex Grigg wrote:

>Jerry Baker wrote:
>>Has anyone started to collect sources of DIY material yet? I have a hard 
>>time calling business after business looking for this or that. It sure 
>>seems a waste for each person to have to go through that. If there isn't 
>>a list, I'm going to make one. No need to duplicate effort though.
>>For instance, it took me three days to find a place in the Los Angeles 
>>area that sells silica sand suitable for the aquarium. They sell it in 
>>75lb bags for $6.99. There should be some repository of this information.
>I would be willing to host such a place on my website.  www.rexgrigg.com
>But really in LA it should have taken no more than 3 minutes with the 
>yellow pages and one or two phone calls.  You need to think outside the 
>(glass) box and think about what you are trying to find.  You wanted 
>sand.  I'm not sure where you looked.  But immediately I would think 
>Sand Blasting, and then Industrial Supply Houses.  Sand Blasting supply 
>places would of course carry a large variety of sand.  Industrial Supply 
>Houses of course carry large varieties of bulk materials of all sorts, 
>sand included.
>When I needed 100 lb bag of coarse sand here in Portland it took me one 
>look at the Yellow pages and one phone call.  Then just driving down to 
>pick it up.
>What needs to happen is people need to get out of the Home Depot/Lowe's 
>thinking and look around.  There are at least a dozen specialty 
>suppliers here in the Portland area alone.  I have yet to have to order 
>anything for a DIY project.  I have always been able to find everything 
>I needed locally.  Now I will admit that Portland is not a small town 
>but it's not L.A. either.
>If you want tubing or fittings check a hose supply house.  If you want 
>odd PVC fittings check a plumbing supply house.  If you want gravel/sand 
>check with a sand blasting supply or a industrial supply house.  You 
>need your CO2 cylinder filled check a fire extinguisher service shop, 
>they go though more CO2 than just about anyone else and not only that 
>they normally fill while you wait and most can do hydro-testing.
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