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Re: [APD] aeration & a planted tank

Yep. It can work both ways. If you let a small filter get
clogged, so that it restrictds water flow severely, that
can make for incosistent water conditions. The moral is, it
ain't the size of the filter that matters, it what you do
with it, i.e., maintaining water flow and not letting too
much crdud remain in the water system.

Luckily, with planted aquaria, the plants minimize the
importance of the filter.

Scott H.

--- Nicolas Munro <nmunro at qld_yokogawa.com.au> wrote:

> In my experience with the three filters i have, I would
> disagree with 
> the last comment but this is of course this is based on
> my own tank and 
> my own (maybe limited) expirence.
> My internal power head/sponge filter which was 1200lph
> tended to get 
> cloged up and i had problems with changes in nitrite
> levels when 
> cleaning etc.
> The other filter i had was a air pump and sponge but
> didn't work as well 
> as the other two.
> My current filter is a Canister filter and i'm happy with
> it at the 
> moment, less cleaning due to larger filter volume seams
> to allow the 
> bacteria to build up at a constant and maintainable rate.
> =Nick
> S. Hieber wrote:
> >Of course, how often depends on fish load, amount of
> >plants, etc. But a large, really loaded filter can be
> >producing a lot of nitrates, much or most of which
> >disappears when you clean the filter. Cleaning a smaller
> >filter more often than a larger filter can proved for
> >greater cosntancy if not greater convenience.
> >
> >sh
> >
> >  
> >
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