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Re: [APD] aeration & a planted tank

In my experience with the three filters i have, I would disagree with 
the last comment but this is of course this is based on my own tank and 
my own (maybe limited) expirence.

My internal power head/sponge filter which was 1200lph tended to get 
cloged up and i had problems with changes in nitrite levels when 
cleaning etc.

The other filter i had was a air pump and sponge but didn't work as well 
as the other two.

My current filter is a Canister filter and i'm happy with it at the 
moment, less cleaning due to larger filter volume seams to allow the 
bacteria to build up at a constant and maintainable rate.


S. Hieber wrote:

>Of course, how often depends on fish load, amount of
>plants, etc. But a large, really loaded filter can be
>producing a lot of nitrates, much or most of which
>disappears when you clean the filter. Cleaning a smaller
>filter more often than a larger filter can proved for
>greater cosntancy if not greater convenience.
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