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Re: [APD] pH in the filters & root zone (Raj)

Hmm, another control factor -- If you are using an
electronic pH tester, a variation of 0.3 units pH could
also be within the tolerance of your tester at diff temps,
even if it is "temperature compensated," the solid state
devices behave a little diff at diff temps.

Scott H.
--- Raj <ggrk at blr_vsnl.net.in> wrote:

> Peter,
>          I have two identical tanks one CO2 injected and
> the other with a 
> spraybar. This occurs in both tanks. I have noted a 0.3 -
> 0.4 increase. On 
> water flow, a week later pH returns to normal but the
> water flow is still 
> like new. I continuously monitor pH therefore I notice. I
> wonder if anyone 
> else has observed any change in pH? Probably more due to
> organic 
> decomposition in the filter ?
>          Also KH, GH and a whole lot of variable will
> also play a part.
> Cheers
> Raj
> At 01/09/05, you wrote:
> > >         I have noticed that when I unclog my choked
> (Eheim 2217)
> > >canister filter by washing out *only* the first
> (lowest) layer sponge,
> > >the pH rises in the tank. The pH returns back to
> normal after a week
> > >or so.
> >
> >By the way.. just how much of a PH difference?
> >
> >Cleaning a filter out is doing at least two things...
> it's increasing the 
> >flow of your filter and removing the bacteria from the
> sponge.
> >
> >Nitrification consumes oxygen and creates an acid so the
> slowing down of 
> >this could increase your PH
> >
> >But it also (and I'd guess more probable) could be the
> increased flow of 
> >your filter is making you lose more CO2.  Agitated
> surface water, a 
> >wet/dry filter etc will allow CO2 to escape the tank
> water and that will 
> >cause a higher PH, just as adding CO2 lowers PH.   It
> would return to it's 
> >regular level once the filter slowly gets reclogged.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Peter.
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