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Re: [APD] aeration & a planted tank

         Since plants consume O2 at night as I know it, heavily planted 
tank will deplete the dissolved O2 in 12 hours of darkness. The two main 
planted tanks are 50 gal with good water movement from Eheim 2217's. Two 
identical ones (including lights) one with Co2 injected and one with a 
spraybar. Both are lush green but the plants thriving are very different.

         Some time ago (a few years) I borrowed a DO meter and checked. In 
the day the O2 levels were either 6 or 8 ppm (saturated). At 8 AM I 
measured very low levels, I can't remember exactly and couldn't locate the 
data. The CO2 fed tank was the worst I remember.. I must get a meter again 
and report the numbers.

         I agree with you on air stones, but they are good tools for an 
aquarist with many tanks and interest in breeding etc.


> >          OTOH, I hate to see fish gasping in the mornings
> > in a densely
> > planted tank with hyperactive plants (CO2 fed). I have
> > noticed this
> > recently in a non CO2 tank.. time to thin the plants?
> > There must be a
> > balance between the plant density & fish population,
> > difficult to estimate
> > in my opinion.
>I am curious about your low O2 levels despite the abundant
>presence of plants. Certainly, if your fish are trying to
>take in water at the surface ("gasping"), this suggests
>that more water flow (air-water exposure) could be useful
>to reducing stress on the fish. Also more water flow or
>perhaps an improved water flow might help move nutrients to
>the plant surfaces to increase their ability to do their
>thing (take in nutrients, photosynthesize, etc.) and boost
>O2 levels enough in the day to last through the night.
>My main complaint about airstones in aquaria, and it's
>strictly a personal one, is that a bubble stream is so
>artifical looking. so I'd rather use water flow pumps
>(filters, powerheads, etc.) to move water.
>Scott H.
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Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India.

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