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Re: [APD] aeration & a planted tank

Raj wrote:
>         Since plants consume O2 at night as I know it, heavily planted
> tank will deplete the dissolved O2 in 12 hours of darkness. The two main
> planted tanks are 50 gal with good water movement from Eheim 2217's. Two
> identical ones (including lights) one with Co2 injected and one with a
> spraybar. Both are lush green but the plants thriving are very different.
>         Some time ago (a few years) I borrowed a DO meter and checked. In
> the day the O2 levels were either 6 or 8 ppm (saturated). At 8 AM I
> measured very low levels, I can't remember exactly and couldn't locate the
> data. The CO2 fed tank was the worst I remember.. I must get a meter again
> and report the numbers.
>         I agree with you on air stones, but they are good tools for an
> aquarist with many tanks and interest in breeding etc.
> Raj
>>>          OTOH, I hate to see fish gasping in the mornings
>>> in a densely
>>> planted tank with hyperactive plants (CO2 fed). I have
>>> noticed this
>>> recently in a non CO2 tank.. time to thin the plants?
>>> There must be a
>>> balance between the plant density & fish population,
>>> difficult to estimate
>>> in my opinion.
>> I am curious about your low O2 levels despite the abundant
>> presence of plants. Certainly, if your fish are trying to
>> take in water at the surface ("gasping"), this suggests
>> that more water flow (air-water exposure) could be useful
>> to reducing stress on the fish. Also more water flow or
>> perhaps an improved water flow might help move nutrients to
>> the plant surfaces to increase their ability to do their
>> thing (take in nutrients, photosynthesize, etc.) and boost
>> O2 levels enough in the day to last through the night.
>> My main complaint about airstones in aquaria, and it's
>> strictly a personal one, is that a bubble stream is so
>> artifical looking. so I'd rather use water flow pumps
>> (filters, powerheads, etc.) to move water.
>> Scott H.

I also have gasping fishes when I don't aerate...
But I send the returned water under the water lavel in some attempt not to have blue 
algae !


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