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Re: [APD] aeration & a planted tank

         Basically aeration causes the water to be lifted from the lower 
levels to the surface. I haven't done the math but I don't think that a 
rising column of air bubbles will present a significant surface area of 
water to air to result in actual aeration. Any form of agitation should 
help the gas exchange.

         Agitation is beneficial in the day too.. the plants deplete the 
CO2 under good lighting and good gas exchange will replenish the CO2 thus 
improving the plant growth.

         In a CO2 added tank the plant growth is much faster than in an 
water circulated, surface agitated or aerated tank. I have equally good 
results in both types.

         OTOH, I hate to see fish gasping in the mornings in a densely 
planted tank with hyperactive plants (CO2 fed). I have noticed this 
recently in a non CO2 tank.. time to thin the plants? There must be a 
balance between the plant density & fish population, difficult to estimate 
in my opinion.

         Anyone done the math on the surface area of a rising column of air 


>I've tried it and haven't seen any benefit compared to
>simply having good, thorough water movement. I can see it
>as useful at night in a tank without added CO2, not many
>plants or only very slow growing plants, and not much
>light. Also, at higher water temps the gas content will be
>In a tank without added CO2, it's not going to hurt to
>aerate and I've run tanks that way too, even with
>Biowheels, which do a pretty good job of mixing air and
>water. But, of course, if I add CO2, the Biowheel goes back
>on the shelf.
>Scott H.
>--- Raj <ggrk at blr_vsnl.net.in> wrote:
> >          I have found aeration very beneficial to plants
> > and fish in a
> > heavily planted tank (Non CO2 injected). The aeration
> > improves the gas
> > equilibrium between water and air. I have noticed large
> > fish gasping
> > (funneling) early in the morning when the plants have
> > almost depleted the
> > water of O2 at night. I have lost some large goldfish
> > some years ago due to
> > this, smaller fish seem to get by with lower O2 levels at
> > night. Now I use
> > a spray bar and extra aeration to promote water movement.
> > In a heavily
> > planted tank water movement is restricted by the plants.
> >
> > Raj
> >
> > >          I've been wondering lately if it would be a
> > good idea to stop
> > >using the air pump and two stones on my planted
> > community tank.  It has a
> > >overly large (for the tank) Bio-wheel 300 which provides
> > plenty of surface
> > >agitation.  I use Flourish Excel and am wondering if the
> > aeration is
> > >driving out the Excel faster.
> >

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