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Re: [APD] RE: books

Probably stupid to say this ... but any inferred hostility in my last post is completely directed at the stress and confusion of the beginning of my learning curve. Certainly not directed at any individuals.
Like I said, I guess its still a little fresh ;]

Derek Parr wrote:

Thomas Barr wrote:

Ricky is right, if you need informtation, it's available to you.

easy to say when you know where to find the good info (or make it yourself), but almost 2 years ago I weeded through alot of BS before I finally started to find stuff that made sense (and work). I mean, before I found walstad's book and then this list, a bunch of people were saying phosphates were BAD and were the root to all my problems, now I'm dosing it!

I guess all that is still fresh in my memory.

glad thats over with ;]

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