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[APD] RE: books

1# Diana Walstad's 'Ecology of the Planted Aquarium'. 
2# Kasselmann's new 'Planted Aquariums'. 
3# NW 1-3
4# Aquarium Plants, Kasselmann
5# Terry's "The Simple Guide to Planted Aquarius" (likely better than the
Barons''s Aquarium plants, or His cock books)
6#Bench Atlas are quite good in their advice and pictures.
7#, Rataj/Horemannii Aquarium Plants Their ID, Cultivation and ecology, old
but still good and did not support too many myths!!)
8# print out some of the on line articles, "the how" is easy, "the why" is
another animal altogether.

More books are around and more is generally better, but these will likely
be the better sellers, the smaller easy books are likely not to be sold
since they can find all the info on line these days and read through them
rapidly at the store.

>  Even Barr has to occasionally resort to the 
> "what works for me" argument.  ;]

What? When did I do that?

>  My suggestion for a beginner book is the 10 page book that Barr hasn't 
> written yet.

Well, what would the 10 pages have in it?
I think more like 200-300 pages is needed to fully support observations and

If you have the topics, I can put it together.

I've written this nearly 10 years ago now:


Oh my, I said use "test kits".... and good ones at that......

Then EI and the ability not to use the test kits:


> It doesn't take a lot of space to tell people how to grow 
> plants and what they require. 
> "Planted Tanks: The Basics" by Ben Belton. You can view it online or
> download the PDF.

> http://www.aquatic-plants.org/articles.html
> Ricky

Ricky is right, if you need informtation, it's available to you.

Tom Barr

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