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[APD] Re: books and needle valves

<<<<but considering his history and the book's title,>>>

Just to set the record straight.....he is a she and always has been. :-)<<

And your co author, Ms. Rhonda Wilson!

The Teepot book has been around now for what..ten years or more? It probably isn't selling like it used to. I don't think a store needs to pick one book over another based on which is better. A good store should have several booke to choose from, each with a different appeal. Amano books show the awesome beauty of a planted tank, kasselmann gives you the practical knowledge, Teepot gives you pictures of many common plants that a newbie would be unfamiliar with, Walstad gives someone a different approach to growing plants, and the Barber/Wilson book opens the door for new people in the hobby. All worthy for any hobbyist. There are other older books still selling very well because their information is not out dated: The Aquarium Plants Manual by Innes Schuermann, from Barons Press, and The Practical Guide to growing Aquarium Plants, by Barry James, (if I remember the name right) which was published by Barron, and by Tetra Press, and I think one other publisher. Both these books were first published in the 80s but are still in print last I knew.

Needle valves

Needle valves either attach to the regulator or inline via the tubing. An inline needle valve takes away the worry of attaching something to the regulator. The inline needle valve I sell is actually classified as a flow control manifold with a single needle valve. It includes a triple edged brass barb/ buna rubber seals on each end for 1/8 tubing. All you do is connect the tubing and you are ready to go. It is very small, light weight, brass finish. The needle valve is sensitive and holds steady. I also have brass check valves that are rated for up to 300 psi, which you will never reach in an aquarium C02 system, so anotherwords it is very safe and reliable and will last for ever.

Kasselmann update

As I am sure this will be much to the dismay of a couple people here, my first shipment of the new Kasselmann book is sold out and will arrive to me and ship out to you next week. The second wave will be about another week. Look for a confirmation email in the next few days. I am still taking orders from the internet and from pet shops for the second wave. Thanks to all who ordered.

And while I am being commercial, I will also remind people that a couple months ago I started importing plants directly through a broker and I have been able to offer several unique plants including POGOSTEMON stellatas, (Eusteralis) both broad leaf and narrow leaf, Vallisneria caulescens, (a fan like Australian val) and now Cabomba furcata, (bright red Cabomba). In total over 30 species that for the most part are not available from Florida. Next month a whole new selection of rare and unusual plants will be available to me and my offering to internet customers and pet shops across the country will grow even more. I invite you to keep an eye on the WEB site.

Happy gardening

Robert Hudson

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